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A powerful, ground breaking new book for anyone touched by autism.

Autism has captured the world's attention as the neurological disorder that impacts one out of every 166 children---ten times higher than just ten years ago. Despite the international scrambling of scientists to provide an explanation, there remains no single known cause for the rise in autism.

Autism and the God Connection is the first book of its kind to view autism through a spiritual prism, unlocking its hidden meaning. Through countless, compelling interviews William Stillman documents extraordinary examples of spiritual giftedness.

Autism and the God Connection boldly challenges our traditionally held beliefs about people with disabilities. Readers looking for hope, inspiration and a deeper understanding of their loved ones will appreciate the affirming anecdotes of ordinary families.

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Advance Praise for Autism And the God Connection:

“Autism is no accident of nature. It is a real affectation of consciousness due to environmental and subtle energy forces that affect the ability of consciousness in autistic children to perform in what we consider ‘normal’ ways. William Stillman has reached way out of the box by asking the reader to consider that there are other possibilities in play regarding the direction of humanity. It’s about time! Read this book with and open mind and heart. Allow your imagination to be stretched even a little and you will begin to see that Stillman addresses a picture far greater than we had ever considered.”

— Meg Blackburn Losey, author of the international bestseller, The Children of Now, and Conversations with the Children of Now and Pyramids of Light, Awakening to Multi-Dimensional Realities.

"Everyone who seeks a more compassionate and wise life will benefit from this wonderful, insightful, and beautiful book. It is a very short step from understanding autism and the God connection to understanding you and the God Connection."

— Gary Zukav, author of The Seat of the Soul and The Dancing Wu Li Masters

"Thank you, William Stillman, for confirming what I have suspected to be true: our son is a gift with a special mission to fulfill on the planet earth. The stories in your life affirming book show us that parents of children on the autism spectrum have been blessed with an opportunity for greater spiritual meaning in their lives. Autism and the God Connection will transform the way our society views 'so called' disabilities."

— Nancy Alspaugh, author of Not Your Mother's Midlife and Fearless Women, Midlife Portraits and mother of ASD child

"This book is a must read, whether you love someone with an autistic-spectrum disorder, or work in the field. William Stillman describes a parallel process of discovering his own spirituality, while exploring the heightened spiritual connectedness of those he works with. The result provides a deep sense of hope and understanding that I've not experienced with other books on autistic-spectrum disorders."

— Jeffrey A. Naser, M.D., Medical Director, Main Line Clinical Associates

"Autism and the God Connection is a fascinating and timely exploration of the special sensitivities and spiritual connections of people with autism. "

— Dean Hamer, Ph.D., geneticist and author of The God Gene

"Autism and the God Connection is a compelling, powerful, and thought provoking book. Stillman describes the discoveries that unfold from conversations that he has with people that have a difficult time with conventional communication. He is able to see, feel and hear people from different perspectives. "

— Nicki Fischer, Executive Director, Publisher and Editor, The Autism Perspective magazine

"The information and descriptions noted about the autistic experience in Autism and the God Connection should be well received by those touched with autism and by the understanding people who know them. It is like a breath of fresh air, a release of knowledge and feelings that were avoided and rarely acknowledged as truth. The accumulation and presentation of this information should enlighten people in the field of autism as well as people who want to help people.

We all need to take a fresh look at who we are and who the individuals are that we are trying to help. We need to realize their attributes, promote the recognition and development of such, and enjoy the beauty of each individual as one of God's creations. Mr. Stillman takes us to a new dimension of understanding of self and others; but understanding with which we should become better acquainted and of which we should make better use. "

— William L. Jones, Ed.D., Faculty Emeritus, Department of Special Education, Bloomsburg University

"Autism and the God Connection is a formidable challenge to simplistic explanations of autism. The clinical stories in this book raise significant questions about the nature of consciousness and its relationship to the brain. This book is about more than neurological issues; it is about our nature, our origin and destiny---in short, our connection with the Absolute, however named. "

— Larry Dossey, M.D., author of The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things

"I had often wondered if there were many others with autism who have spiritual experiences similar to mine, so I appreciated Stillman's courage in writing this revealing book. While many without autism also develop spiritual gifts, it is important that people recognize this in those with autism, so I highly recommend Autism and the God Connection. I believe we live in an age of spiritual awakening and Stillman's research is a great example of this. "

— Penelope McMullen, Catholic Sister, person with autism, and author of "The Gifted Side of Autism", Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities

"William Stillman's Autism and the God Connection is a sensitive and illuminating work which could dramatically change how we view autism."

— Carol Bowman, author of Children's Past Lives and Return from Heaven

"Speaking from the heart, William Stillman provides us with a unique look at autism's inner soul. This wonderful book should be required reading for parents of special children, and especially for teachers and clinicians who may be making some incorrect assumptions about the inner vitality and intellectual abilities of autistic function. Definitely an illuminating and inspiring read!"

— Dorita S. Berger, author of Music Therapy, Sensory Integration and the Autistic Child

"An intensely rare and innovative book! William Stillman has opened the door to a most intriguing partnership between the treatment of autism and metaphysical studies. The personal stories of autistics as narrated in this book parallel the 'multisensory' experiences described by intuitives, mystics and psychics, and call to mind the abilities of shaman who are able to traverse between the world of spirit and this physical plane. What an amazing realization that those long considered mentally challenged may actually be far more advanced in terms of spiritual perception, and it is we who must strive to advance to their level of understanding."

— Kathy L. Callahan, Ph.D., author of Multisensory Human: The Evolution of the Soul

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