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Autism Whisperer and Psychic Visionary

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Autism and the 90 Percent Factor: Building Authentic Relationships
(90-Minute Keynote)

In supporting individuals with autism, it may be shown that 90 percent of the work has nothing to do with those individuals but, instead, involves decoding myth-understandings among families and caregivers. When persons with autism are perceived as our intellectual peers, unlimited possibilities await us. Autism author and self-advocate, William Stillman, and New Light, Inc. staff, via video testimony, share their inspiring and revolutionary anecdotes for building authentic relationships.

Autism and the God Connection (3-Hour Presentation)

Do some highly sensitive individuals have a greater likelihood to be predisposed to both autism and spirituality? Author William Stillman (Autism and the God Connection, The Soul of Autism and The Autism Prophecies) explains this strong and uncommon potential. Once we look beyond labels and see past deceiving exteriors, we may recognize extraordinary accounts of spiritual giftedness. Stillman shares anecdotes from his research and tells how to enact three steps to strengthen relationships with persons with autism (and ourselves) on a spiritual level. Stillman also reveals the acute intuition that aids him in his work. Startling photographic evidence is included as part of this unique and unconventional presentation.

Developing Your Personal Intuition: Level I (Full-Day Workshop)

Ever had a hunch that proved correct about your children, your pet, your job, your family, and other relationships or situations? Had powerful dreams that you can still recall years later? Ever gotten certain feelings or “vibes” about someone upon first meeting them that proved accurate? Want to raise your consciousness and re-affirm your spirituality?

If so, then this is the class for you! Prerequisites require only an open mind and an appreciation of the beauty for all things seen and unseen. Please note this is an all-day commitment. Participants will experience a guided meditation, and will be given the opportunity to practice applying their new-found gifts and talents under William's mentorship.

All participants are requested to bring with them:

Prepare to expect the unexpected as your spiritual potential is revealed!

Developing Your Personal Intuition: Level II (Full-Day Workshop)

Are you ready to take your psychic gifts to the next level? By popular request, Alta View Wellness Center psychic William Stillman now offers "Developing Your Personal Intuition: Level II," an ALL-NEW day of psychic development for anyone who has previously taken the original class, “Developing Your Personal Intuition: Level I."

In “Developing Your Personal Intuition: Level II,” Bill will guide you toward a greater understanding of how to unlock your psychic gifts in order to be of service to others. Participants will learn the techniques of automatic writing and mediumship. You will also be instructed on how to discern spiritual assault and how to clear a living space of negative energy. Finally, Bill will show you his psychic method for relieving others of physical pain and discomfort, whether it be temporarily or permanently.

All participants are requested to bring with them:

Prepare to expect the unexpected as your spiritual potential is revealed!

Developing Your Personal Intuition – Kids & Teens (Half-Day Workshop)

If you feel like an outsider for being "too sensitive," and you’re between the ages of nine and sixteen, this could be the workshop you’ve been waiting for! Kids like you have powerful dreams, predict what’s on the lunch menu before it’s posted, get weird feelings about their friends or bullies, have encounters with nasty entities, and connect with animals on a unique level. Come prepared to explore the spirit world, develop an understanding of spiritual giftedness, and experience a camaraderie with others who feel like you do – you’re not alone!

Psychic Gallery (3-Hour Event with 15-Minute Intermission)

Expect the unexpected as acclaimed psychic William Stillman connects with the realm beyond as well as offering predictions and intuitive insights. If you are intrigued by popular TV shows like Crossing Over or The Long Island Medium, you will want to attend this “live” event! Bill works through divine grace and will say an opening prayer with audience members. For the first hour, he will communicate the intuitive information he receives; after intermission, the second hour is your opportunity to ask questions.

*PLEASE NOTE: No one will be admitted once the gallery begins; please be seated 15 minutes before the event. A psychic reading is not guaranteed. It is recommended that participants bring pen and paper; electronic recording is prohibited.

Conversations with Dogs (3-Hour Workshop)

Have you ever wanted to know what your dog would say if he could talk? Now you can! Believe it or not, our canine companions have a lot to say beyond eat, drink, sniff, play and protect. In this fascinating workshop, William Stillman, psychic and author of the book Conversations with Dogs, explores the "dialogues" he's had with dogs and reveals their inner most thoughts about their owners, their roles and the cycle of life. Stillman shares the three things he learned about animals and the ten things dogs want us to know. Also included is a step-by-step process for engaging your furry friends in a similar manner. Expect the unexpected as you prepare to enrich the relationship with your dog as a pet owner, friend and human "parent." Participants are requested to bring a hard copy photo of their pet.

Deciphering Spiritual Hieroglyphics: Understanding the Iconography of Correspondences (3-Hour Presentation)

Not all communication is spoken or written but is, instead, most often silent and symbolic. Emanuel Swedenborg noted that spiritual “substance” appears as objects we would find familiar. Award-winning author and psychic William Stillman will briefly review symbolic communication over history, from Native American icons to modern-day “emoticons.” As a person on the autism spectrum, Stillman naturally thinks in pictures and movies that, depending upon a social-emotional connection, are “impressed” within him intuitively. Stillman will demystify the most common forms of intuitive communication and will also reveal the fascinating manner in which he interprets such communication in order to serve others.

Under Spiritual Siege: Combating Destructive Energies (3-Hour Presentation)

Is it possible for negative spiritual energies to have an effect on our mental, physical and spiritual well-being? The answer is a resounding “yes”! In this empowering workshop, psychic William Stillman, author of the new book Under Spiritual Siege, will discuss how such negative forces can affect our holistic wellness, and our relationships with others in ways that are counterproductive as best and ultimately destructive at worst. Stillman will guide an understanding of discerning ghosts and demons, and to distinguish the difference between them. Participants will be instructed on how to help others who are struggling with spiritual assault, such as clearing a home of negative energy. Finally, all will be empowered to participate in becoming the antidote to counteract a siege that is slowly but steadily increasing as our world becomes divided into two factions: those who are narcissistic, insensitive and callous, and those who are kind, compassion and altruistic.

How to Connect with Your Spirit Guide (3-Hour Workshop)

We all have at least one spiritual ally, commonly known as a spirit guide. Award-winning author and psychic William Stillman will explain and demystify these loving and supportive guardians, their purpose and how we may access their wisdom. Workshop participants will learn the three steps to connecting with one's personal guide as well as the six signs of which to be aware as indicators that a spirit guide is making his or her presence known. Participants will experience a guided meditation designed to make such a connection a reality.