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Demystifying Autism From The Inside Out


By Dana M. Bowser, MSW

What would you do if you felt sad? And you could not verbalize when you are scared or glad? When you are angry or in pain, you want to scream or shout… Even though you can’t talk, you can still SPEAK OUT!

People assume when you don’t talk, you have nothing to say; But people need to take the time to learn that there is a way, To be patient, and listen, observe and look; As to learn about me is like reading the pages of a book.

With every day they may see something new, If they watch for signs and the things that I do. It may be frustrating to understand me, I know; But if you just give me a chance, I’ll guide you which way to go.

I’ll show you that although it may be unconventional, I do have a voice, And like everyone else, I have the RIGHT to make a choice Whether I use signs, gestures, technology or different forms of communication, The options are endless, but I need your participation

Please come with me, take my hand, I’ll show you the way, And I guarantee that you WILL understand me one day Don’t underestimate me; get rid of the doubt; Because trust me I WILL find a way to SPEAK OUT!!!

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