Under Spiritual Siege

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Through case studies that include paranormal, physical, and psychiatric investigation, discover the differences between loving spiritual presences and those with an agenda to incite chaos and destruction. Find out the symptoms of spirit communication and hauntings, as well as a seven-step process for attaining spiritual protection and disarming negative energies. Through firsthand accounts, examples, and research, gather insight as to the impact ghosts and demons have on humanity and how to protect yourself and your family. Learn through a variety of divine concerns to help and heal others by accessing spiritual gifts that will provide a feeling of empowerment in life. Are ghosts and demons real? Is it possible for negative energies toerode the physical, mental, and spiritual well being of an individual? Find out by using this resource for those dealing with both paranormal or spiritual issues.

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Praise for Under Spiritual Siege:

"As someone who directs a professional paranormal resolution team, I believe William Stillman has perfectly captured the essence of what so many of our clients go through. Through sharing personal life experiences with an understanding of the spirit world, William details the often misunderstood and seldom realized interconnectedness between the living and spirit world that creates unique and sometimes unpleasant situations for all involved. William offers brilliant advice on how to understand and deal with a variety of spiritual issues, encouraging the reader to empower and heal themselves and others through love and compassion, the strongest weapons in the fight against darkness. This book is sure to be a recommended resource for all of our clients dealing with paranormal and spiritual issues.”

— Mark A. Keyes, Director of The Pennsylvania Paranormal Association and author of Chasing Shadows: A Criminal Investigator’s Look into the Paranormal

"William Stillman escorts the reader on a guided tour through his many experiences in the paranormal realm in a way that only a person with his unique qualifications can deliver. Diversely interesting, reflective, and educational”

— Don Traynor, Founder, Village Haunts Paranormal History Experiences, Bemus Point, NY

"This book is a must for anyone going through times of spiritual change. You will recognize yourself throughout and find answers to the questions you've been seeking. I highly recommend Under Spiritual Siege to anyone experiencing a spiritual awaking whether it be in the light or in the dark. Here’s your guidebook.”

— Carol Mills, Psychic Medium

"Under Spiritual Siege empowers spiritual seekers with the practical tools to engage, connect and communicate with our spirit guides. Stillman’s first-hand accounts of his experiences with the spirit world will have you riveted to your seat. A “must read” for anyone on a spiritual path!”

— Mary Riposo, PhD, Reiki Master Teacher and co-owner of Infinite Light Center for Yoga & Wellness

"Under Spiritual Siege is a must have guide for anyone interested in navigating the integral phase of human consciousness with ease and grace. I plan to refer to it often.!”

— Kathleen McManis, author of the forthcoming book, Being Beautiful through Energy and Love and founder of AlternativeSkin

"Under Spiritual Siege” is a comprehensive look at the very real world of ghosts and demons, and the toll they can take on us—mentally, physically and spiritually. It also gives you important information so you can both understand that impact, as well as protect yourself and those you love."

— Ken Kessler, host of “Psychic Tapestry” radio show

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