The Soul of Autism

Autism Whisperer and Psychic Visionary

Best Books Award Finalist

In Autism and the God Connection, William Stillman chartered new territory by documenting extraordinary accounts of spiritual giftedness in those with autism—persons often deemed intellectually inferior. But more remains to be told. For those of us not privy to the ease with which many autistics tap their divine resources, we may ask, “How does it work?” Stillman’s new book, The Soul of Autism, responds by exploring the following:

In pursuing answers, The Soul of Autism explores these aspects of spirituality through an autistic prism. We all hold the capacity for unlimited possibilities, but how we do it is what we may come to know from those who do it naturally. We have much to be learning from our autistic friends about transcendence rising, a new humanity accessible for all. The Soul of Autism illuminates the way.

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Advance Praise for The Soul of Autism:

“I believe the world owes William Stillman a debt of gratitude for the courage it took him to research and write this book. It is filled with rare wisdom and amazing stories that will totally surprise you!”

— P.M.H. Atwater, Th.D., author of Beyond the Indigo Children

“William Stillman continues his fascinating exploration of the myriad connections between autism and human personality. The Soul of Autism makes a strong case for why we should embrace rather than fear the differences between us.”

—Dean Hamer, Ph.D., geneticist and author of The God Gene

“William Stillman offers a wholly unique, compelling vision of autism. In The Soul of Autism, he reveals the often unrecognized spiritual gifts of those “on the spectrum” and explains how they can help all of us open to our deeper selves. Stillman believes the world needs autism. And after reading this moving and inspiring book, you will see why.”

— Melissa Chianta, Managing Editor, Mothering magazine

“As a family member of someone with autism, the importance of William Stillman’s work cannot be understated. I recommend The Soul of Autism to all who are attempting to understand these special earth angels at a deeper level.”

— Shelley Kaehr, Ph.D., author of Lifestream

“From the first sentence of Chapter One, “The world needs autism,” Stillman gently but firmly lets you know are about the listen to truths hitherto unarticulated and questions we can no longer avoid. Why do schools develop ‘best practices’ without consulting the highest experts of all, those with autism? Should society not be exerting equal effort in embracing diversity as we do in trying to create ‘normalcy?’ Are you brave enough to take Bill’s ‘simulated autism’ exercise—and face the emotional results? Regardless of where you fall on the spiritual spectrum, these are questions that deserve contemplation and action."

— Ellen Notbohm, author of the award-winning Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew

The Soul of Autism opens new avenues of understanding and raises serious questions about the assumption of lack of intelligence in any human being. Both ‘the assumption of intelligence and creativity’ and ‘the judgment that no intelligence and creativity exists’ are equally statements of faith, so why not choose intelligence and creativity and see what happens? Captain Picard of Star Trek: the Next Generation makes the statement, ‘I believe that with persistence and imagination communication is possible.’ The Soul of Autism forcefully makes a similar statement with numerous concrete illustrations from the experiences of people who live with and within the autism spectrum.”

— Laurence A. Becker, Ph.D., Creative Learning Environments, and producer of the international award-winning documentary film With Eyes Wide Open: Richard Wawro, Artist

“By opening the door to the invisible regions of life—where angels tread—this book, The Soul of Autism, turns darkness to light, confusion to insight, and shame to beauty. For, the desperate plight of the autistic is but a metaphor of the “momentous shift,” as Stillman terms it, that promises all humanity “a new brotherhood,” the ineluctable paradigm shift which erases isolation, neglect, depression, insecurity, dogma and terrible abuse, replacing it all with tolerance, nonviolence, service, knowledge, humility—and love.”

— Susan B. Martinez, Ph.D., Book Review Editor, Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies

The Soul of Autism is a balanced and beautiful discussion of what is possible when we look outside our standard world view of those on the autism spectrum. Every parent, grandparent, friend, or educator with exposure to such a uniquely blessed child will relate to the powerful stories of connection and love. In the worlds of the soul, these heart savants may well be our greatest leaders.”

— Robin Rice, creator of and author of A Hundred Ways to Sunday

“Once again, William Stillman shows us why we must nurture both the intellectual and Divine uniqueness of our loved ones with autism.”

— Liane Gentry Skye, Author, Parent Advocate, Right to Communicate Educational Advocate

“Autism has been described as mysterious, alien, devastating and a puzzle to be solved by those who look at it from the outside and attempt to make those who have it appear normal. Those of us who have chosen a different route have discovered that looking at autism from within provides a totally different perspective. The Soul of Autism takes us on a journey of discovery into the spiritual aspects of autism which are so often overlooked and ignored by those who are desperately searching for a cure. This book is truly a wake-up call for all of us to look with new eyes at those who are different. This book is a must-read for anyone who truly is interested in understanding and connecting with those on the autism spectrum.”

— Gail Gillingham Wylie, author of Autism: Handle with Care and Autism: A New Understanding

“William Stillman is one of the few who can translate the workings of the autistic mind to the neurotypical community—and he uses his ability to delve into timeless philosophical issues. How do we know what is real? Is there a power beyond ourselves through which we can find a deeper understanding of ourselves and others? How do we communicate with those who cannot speak for themselves? Through every page of The Soul of Autism shines Stillman’s most important point about individuals with autism and similar disorders: no matter how a person appears on the surface, one should always presume and respect their intellect and human spirit.”

— Lisa Jo Rudy, Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorders

“Kudos to the author, William Stillman, for sharing the stories and science in clear, easy-to-read language in The Soul of Autism. His respect and integrity in this presentation is outstanding as he shares the stories of intuitive persons labelled autistic and what they can teach us.”

— Caron B. Goode, Ed.D., co-author of Help Kids Cope with Stress & Trauma

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