The Practicing Psychic

Autism Whisperer and Psychic Visionary

More than ever, people are branching out into casual, part-time, and full-time work employing their psychic gifts and talents. The Practicing Psychic is a fascinating primer for would-be and current professional metaphysical practitioners in need of sage advice and guiding wisdom. The overwhelming popularity of present-day psychic mediums such as Theresa Caputo and Tyler Henry make this new William Stillman book particularly timely.

The Practicing Psychic is the culmination of award-winning author William Stillman’s perspective and insight gleaned from his more than 18 years of professional work as a psychic medium and spiritual advisor. With accessible language, easy-to-understand explanations, and compelling anecdotes, Stillman walks the budding psychic practitioner through the ins and outs of the business aspects of the field, as well as navigating clients, skeptics, and unusual situations such as encountering ghosts.

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Praise for The Practicing Psychic:

"There are key elements to being an authentic conduit as well as great responsibilities. In The Practicing Psychic, William Stillman has given us a real-world navigation tool and reference guide for working with Spirit and the public."

– Melissa C. Colucci, mediumship and psychometry student

"Never before has a guide been issued encompassing all facets of mediumship for every psychic, both new and established, to hone their talents and morph them into the material world. The Practicing Psychic accomplishes this task with a spectacular breakdown of elemental issues and logistics."

– Virginiarose Centrillo, lead psychic medium for the Pennsylvania Paranormal Association, as featured on Travel Channel’s The Haunted and Paranormal Survivor, and metaphysical practitioner of over 35 years

"William Stillman has lovingly and authentically brought together important insights, direction, and examples to help guide you through an often-misunderstood profession. Even the most seasoned practitioner may experience an "Aha!" moment. This book has given me the tools to navigate challenging situations with clients while providing sound business advice and support."

– Marianne Gainey, psychic medium, card reader, reiki master teacher, and owner of Sacred Connections

"Through touching stories and personal experience, William Stillman helps us to understand that to be a good psychic means to first be a good person. By revealing how love and gratitude pave the way to personal contentment and supernatural insight, The Practicing Psychic serves as a template for how to become a successful psychic or psychic medium."

– Alan B. Smith, host of Paranormal Now

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