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Bill's Spiritual Protocol By William Stillman


Oftentimes autistic sensory sensitivities predispose those most sensitive to perceive all things seen and unseen; that is, information filtered out or disregarded by others. This may manifest in correlation to heightened “frequency” stimuli as related to all the senses in a manner some would call spiritual. For those most sensitive, this is natural not supernatural.

It is characteristic of those on the autism spectrum to be very literal in their interpretation of what they perceive; deliberate deception (i.e. blatant lies) occurs infrequently, and imaginative play (though deemed clinically absent in autism) usually occurs in tandem with those activities for which the individual is most passionate. Therefore, it is advised that caregivers receive unconventional information observed or shared with them as the individual’s truth regardless of personal perceptions. Given such, caregivers are further advised to:

Distinguishing Common Experiences

It is important for caregivers to maintain a healthy skepticism as well as bear an open mind in investigating the information observed or shared by the individual. Remember: not everything is something, and some experiences may have logical explanations such as the individual who is verbally or physically replaying an authentic or fictional event (i.e. the child who appears to be talking to someone unseen, but is role-playing a favorite cartoon scene). However, this is the exception to the rule.

Among the most common experiences for individuals on the autism spectrum, especially infants and toddlers, is a perceived interaction with the essence or presence of a deceased grandparent. These events should be considered harmless, loving and positive; and may transpire through:

Another common experience shares similarities with the preceding events, and should also be considered harmless, loving and positive are those in which an individual appears to hold a two-way interaction or conversation with an unseen presence that some have defined as angelic. This has been interpreted as a counseling or mentoring time, and should not be extinguished as “behavioral.” This experience may transpire through:

These experiences may be sensed by other family members, and tangible evidence may manifest through digital photography in which unexplainable star bursts or streaks of white light appear, or spheres of energy (orbs) are evident.

So long as these experiences are not creating anxiety and fear, there is no further intervention required.

Discerning Experiences of Ill-Intent

Being so exquisitely sensitive may predispose an individual to greater aptitude for experiences often interpreted as spiritual; but this very sensitivity may also create a vulnerability to those presences of ill-intent. These so-called low-vibration presences thrive upon fear and chaos, and oftentimes there is friction, tension, and acute stress within the family (not directly involving the individual) such as marital discord. Such experiences may transpire through:

Sleep disturbances are commonplace in persons with autism, and preventative measures should be taken to assess if an individual’s sleep quality is affected by medication side-effects, allergic reactions (including food), or anxiety over not having enough control or independence. The difference here pertains to an individual’s abject fear if not terror.

The Antidote

The sole antidote to counteract presences of ill-intent is LOVE. Love is a high-vibration emotion; the preceding list of negative emotions are all low-vibration. Supporters are encouraged to identify family stressors while discreetly, respectfully ascertaining family faith and spirituality. By building upon family values, supporters may encourage or reinforce the importance of family faith. During this time, families may recommit to attending religious service or having their home blessed. While this should not be discouraged, it is not enough and oftentimes a blessing of the home has little effect. It is not the antidote, which is love within a family united. Supporters are encouraged to recommend that families consistently implement the following protocol: