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Autism Whisperer and Psychic Visionary

The Secret Language of Spirit is the culmination of award-winning author and psychic medium William Stillman’s wisdom and insights in a fascinating exploration of the sometimes blatant, sometimes hidden, spiritual symbolism in our everyday lives. With accessible language, easy-to-understand explanations, and amazing anecdotes, Stillman introduces to the open-minded layperson an “alternate lens” through which to view daily interactions with Spirit.

Topics unique to this compelling new work include:

Perhaps Stillman’s most powerful observations may be found in the chapter that correlates spiritual sensitivity between persons with autism, mental illness and dementia—individuals whose “gibberish” is often dismissed as pathology but which may actually provide glimpses into another realm.

The Secret Language of Spirit concludes with an empowering chapter that addresses the concepts of abundance and achieving authenticity beginning with Love’s Foot Rule, twelve fundamental tenets to embrace. Stillman also introduces the principles of passion, pursuit and prosperity, and how to manifest them in concert with Spirit.

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Praise for The Secret Language of Spirit:

The Secret Language of Spirit is simply spellbinding. From the moment I started reading the first page I could not put this extraordinarily well-written and very easy to understand book down. William Stillman has brought to light in his own words all the hard questions we ask ourselves about our purpose here, what to expect when we cross over, and how to incorporate and communicate with Spirit and so much more. Fabulous, awesome and very informative on every plane of existence, a great tool for all metaphysical practitioners and novices alike. A must read for everybody.”

– Rebecca Austill-Clausen, award-winning author of Change Maker: How My Brother’s Death Woke Up My Life

“What pleasure I took in going on this precious journey with William Stillman.The Secret Language of Spirit is the result of many years of dynamic mediumship. It soars with hope and conviction.”

– Whitley Strieber, author of Communion

"A fascinating, well-written read from renowned psychic medium and spiritual counselor, William Stillman. The Secret Language of Spirit delves into the world beyond what we consciously know and helps us become more familiar and comfortable with the inner workings of spirit. Stillman’s stories, insight and portrayal of spirit communication helps us understand the important connection available to us if we’re open to receive.”

– Dr. Jo Anne White, international bestselling author, president/founder Dr. Jo Anne White Consulting

"Does language shift as we shift dimensions? William Stillman’s The Secret Language of Spirit is an important contribution to our inquiry into this question. Particularly illuminating are the connections he makes in the communications of people with dementia, mental illness and autism. This pioneering book offers insights that will both inform and inspire readers.”

– Raymond Moody, author of Making Sense of Nonsense and Life After Life

"The Secret Language of Spirit offers tools for decoding the veiled messages that surround us and offer guidance and hope. William Stillman shares the fascinating language of intuition and invites others to speak and comprehend it as well. This book is a must read for those who wish to better understand psychic phenomena and the mysteries of communication and consciousness.”

– Lisa Smartt, MA, author of Words at the Threshold

"It is now time to speak to and hear from Spirit. This wave of expanded consciousness is exactly what we need to break out of our enslavement to matter and create a truly peaceful, prosperous self and peaceful, prosperous world. With The Secret Language of Spirit, William Stillman is at the forefront of this wave giving us the very skills we have been missing. We can now make this happen. "

– Patricia Baker, creator and host of Supernatural Girlz Radio

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