Empowered Autism Parenting

Autism Whisperer and Psychic Visionary

Indie Excellence Finalist

In this ground breaking book, William Stillman, a passionate advocate on behalf of those with autism, offers a commonsense guide for parenting children with autism. He gives mothers and fathers, caregivers, and teachers the information they need to recognize the child with autism's unique personality, passions, and intellect and therefore liberate them from today's culture of fear. He shows why the current conventional incentive and reward systems send the wrong message to kids with autism and just don't work. This book offers a sensible ten-step guide for enriching relationships with kids with autism through a belief in their essential competence.

The author clears aside the common misperceptions of autism to reveal the truth: people with autism are intelligent, insightful, and inspired human beings entitled to participate and contribute to the fullest. He also shatters myths about high-cost therapies and "autism medications"— grist for an industry that promotes a culture of fear about autism.

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Praise for Empowered Autism Parenting:

"William Stillman, with his sensitive and compassionate gift for understanding, explodes the 'myth of autism.'"

— Sally Patton, Ed.M.; author, Welcoming Children with Special Needs; executive director, The Creative Soul of Children, Inc.; and principle consultant/trainer, Embracing the Spirit of the Child

"William Stillman offers hope, understanding, and critical thinking for those who are affected by autism."

— Robin Rice, author, A Hundred Ways to Sunday

"Wonderful. . . . This book moves us into a new paradigm of understanding autism as neither pitiable nor tragic, but as another way of thinking, one that adds value to the world."

— Susan Senator, author, Making Peace with Autism

"This book is a valuable addition to the literature from the inside out—important insights from someone who himself lives and thrives within the spectrum."

— Laurence A. Becker, Ph.D., Creative Learning Environments

"The new Dr. Spock for parents of children with autism."

— Frankie Picasso, CPC; certified master coach trainer; author, Midlife Mojo; and broadcaster, Champion for a Compassionate Consciousness

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