Demystifying the Autistic Experience

Autism Whisperer and Psychic Visionary

Parents, caregivers and educators are often at a loss about how best to support an individual with autism because they are overwhelmed by "behaviors," inundated with prognoses and clinical jargon, or confused by technical information. This book introduces autism from a non-clinical, humanistic perspective emphasizing that we are all more alike than different. The author deconstructs the fundamental components of autism using language, examples and anecdotes that are concrete and understandable for all. Reinforced for the reader is the importance of listening carefully to what people are telling us about valuing differences, personal passions, communication, and holistic wellness. Group brainstorming exercise activities are included.

From Book News, Inc.: "The author, an adult with Asperger Syndrome and armed with years of experience in the mental health field, offers guidance to the parents, caregivers, and educators of people with autism, clarifying the basics of the condition and explaining the importance of valuing differences, personal passions, communication, and holistic wellness." Distributed by Taylor & Francis.

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From Asperger’s Syndrome Partners & Individuals, Resources, Encouragement & Support: “Despite the writings of more men on the autism spectrum, most of the men’s contributions have a distinctly didactic and ‘professorish’ flavor to them, with the exception of William Stillman’s intimate Demystifying the Autistic Experience. I hope that as time passes, other men will open their hearts as fully as he does to readers.”

Copyright © 2003 ASPIRES

From Metapsychology: “[Stillman’s] approach is tantalizing. Those who have relationships with people on the spectrum can’t help but wonder what the world looks like from behind that special lens…The most powerful contribution of the book is its constant reminder that we need to view people with autism as individuals and not as a set of behaviors.”

© 2004 Kristin Nelson

From Psychiatric Services: “Living with the kind of very-high-functioning autism now known as Asperger’s Syndrome, [Stillman] knows autism from the inside. His book is designed for quick, easy (but not superficial) reading, with a wealth of anecdotal material supplemented by summaries that open and close each chapter…The book is full of practical advice.”

© 2004 American Psychiatric Association

From Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists Bulletin: “SLTs are likely to take the person-centered approach, recommended here so eloquently…We have much to learn from people with autism and this book makes explicit a lot of information that may be assumed, but perhaps should not be…Those new to [autism] would undoubtedly benefit from reading the book and pondering the contents in the light of their clients’ experiences.”

© 2004 Jane Neil-Maclachlan

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