Autism Whisperer and Psychic Visionary

Autism Whisperer and Psychic Visionary

William Stillman

What parents and professionals are saying about Bill’s Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome presentations:

“Your seminar was everything you promised. I have so much of a greater understanding of my son now”

”You are a blessing and inspiration and have changed my life”

“I wanted to call my co-worker and say, ‘You should be here’.”

“I will be a better teacher because of Bill Stillman”

“Your insights will not only help my work, but also in how I live my life”

“The most informational, effective, impacting dynamic training I have ever attended!”

“I have a master’s degree in Special Education and I feel I have learned more than in a complete graduate program”

Indie Excellence Best books Nautilus 2007 Finalist